DR TV på boomerang optagelse i Australien

Mail fra Finn Nørgaard, Danmarks Radio:

Fra: Finn Nørgaard TV-MF-TRAIL
Dato: Søn Nov 10, 2002 12:02
Emne: DR-TV på optagelse i Australien

Hej Alle

Jeg havde i sommers en inspirerende og fornøjelig research dag i jeres selskab. Afsættet var de nu forstående optagelser om "Boomerangen historie" for børn.

Vi rejser d. 2 december og forventer at bruge en måned på research og optagelse.

I den forbindelse vil jeg meget gerne "trække" på jeres australske netværk.

Ved I om der i Sydney boomerang klub findes en bedstefar og et drengebarnebarn der leger og dyster med boomeranger? Kan I give mig formandens mail adresse / tlf.nr. ?

I fortalte om boomerang butikken i Sydney som blev drevet af en ældre aboriginal, har I hans mailadresse/tlf. nr.?

Har I andre gode ideer og forslag er de meget velkomne.


Finn Nørgaard

Planen er at Finn skal aflevere masteren til tv-stationen d. 1. maj 2003. Så den bliver forhåbentlig vist snarligt derefter.

Mail fra Günter Möller i Sydney:

From: Günter Wandtke [mailto:GunterWandtke1@b...]
Sent: 24. november 2002 00:54
To: Tony Butz; Russell Hansen; Robert Croll; Peter Maxwell; Leanne Loveland; David Schummy; Brian Kemp; Rod Shoebridge; Barras family; Jeff Lewry; Robert Burwell; Dennis Maxwell; Peter Lewry; PerryAng&Rog; Nick Gottschalk; Ian Sproul; David Richardson; Barrie Forsyth; Morris Maxwell Cc: aus-booms@yahoogroups.com; Bruce Carter
Subject: [aus-booms] Danish TV Crew filming Boomerang Throwing in Australia.

Hi Morris and all !

A Danish TV crew has contacted me in regard to making a childrens documentary on Boomerang throwing in Australia, they are going to film in Melbourne, Huskisson (Jarvis Bay, 250 km South of Sydney) and Sydney. Here is their storyline :

Working titel: The Boomerang.
Genre: Documentary movie for children.
Duration: 2 x 24:30 minutes.
The factual story about The Boomerang is told through the eyes of an Australian child, boy or preferable a girl age 10-11, who them self are passionate boomerang players.
The story will follow the young kid's every day life practicing with the boomerang, and thereby give the viewer an inside story of modern boomerang sports. Our Main Character will guide us through the various types of boomerangs to the different kind of tournament that he/she is participating with in.
As a thin red line, we want our Main Character to prepare him/herself for a specific event, such as a competition, gathering or the like, and by this high peak tighten the two episodes together. It's the Main Character personal victory in gaining either new skills, improving his/her result from last years tournament, or actually winning the competition.
Part One ends with the Main Character heading for the bushes (with or without his family) where he/she is to meet with an older Aboriginal Boomerang Maker. The planed meeting is supposed to learn our Main Character about the history of the boomerang, getting back to the roots so to speak, and hereby improving his Boomerang skills.

Part Two continues in the bush at the Boomerang Makers place. Through his knowledge and experience our main character gets insight knowledge to the story of the Boomerang and to the ways of the Aboriginal people, who has been using the tool/weapon for centuries. The Boomerang Maker teaches our Main Character how to make his own boomerang, and in the prolonging of this, they go for a hunt in the Australian wilderness with their homemade Boomerangs. Here we learn about the Boomerang as a weapon, and our Main Character learn some new technics
Our film ends with the Main Character return to the event we planed in the beginning. What ever he or she wins or not, that is still to be found out but, as we, our Main Character has learn quite a bit, and had a lots of fun doing it, but most important found a new friend in the old Boomerang Maker.

Now, here is what I have arranged for them so far:
The kid is going to be Trent Carter.
The Aboriginal boomerang maker is Laddy Timbery of Huskisson.
The tournament will be staged for the filming at 14th of December at 10AM in Blackmans Park, Lane Cove.
There will also be a nightshow by Bruce filmed on 12th or 13th of Dec, hopefully at a school sports grounds in Sydney or the Blue Mountains.
I'm going to try and get an official permission for the usage of the Blackmans Park grounds from Lane Cove Council, so I will need a copy of our Public Liability insurance.

They will arrive in Australia on 4th of December and start filming in Melbourne, go to Huskisson for the 11th of Dec and then come to Sydney.
Of course, you are all welcome to participate, especially at the Blackmans Park Tournament. Looking forward to hearing from you,