Scandinavian Vikings at the World Cup 2004

Scandinavian Vikings T-shirt designed by Martin Wikström

Scandinavian Vikings warming up for Relay.

Harald, Martin and Jens waiting for their Super Catch round.

Jens throwing Fast Catch.

Jens Fast Catching.

Jens throwing.

Jens making an eagle catch.

Joachim throwing his modified Skyblader.

Noam and Joachim getting ready to throw in Team Aussie Round.

Noam throwing his favorite Aussie Round boomerang.

Noam throwing his Fast Catch boomerang.

Noam and Ola Wahlberg warming up for Team Aussie Round.

Ola catching green Snake.

Ola selebrating catching his 1 minute MTA in Super Catch.

Ola running in Team Relay.

Ola throwing