Boomerang Resources

Where to find out more about boomerangs on the net and elsewhere.

  • Ulf Valentin is still the only known manufacturer in Denmark.
  • Jens Krabbe has his own site of boomerangs and sell some of them too. Check out his old personal site too.
  • Solrød Boomerang Club is Denmark's second oldest boomerang club.
  • Check out the local weather forecast for Copenhagen on DMI and MSN
  • The Danish Boomerang Society are looking to obtain our own web site and domain name to go with it. We wanted a name that can be easily understood in Danish as well as in English, and it should contain the word "boomerang" at the very least. What could be more appropriate than So this is our new domain, but we have no means to finance a presence at a web hotel at the moment. Any sponsors out there in net land?
  • Boomerang World Page maintained by Ted Bailey have all the relevant links for the curious as well as for the serious boomerang addict.
  • A moderated and entirely SPAM free mailing list started in June 2000: BoomerangTalk. It contains archives, files og profiles. Typically, 5 to 10 mails per day can be expected, which means that soon after subscription you will receive your first mailings from the list. The list currently has about 200 subscribers, many of which have been making boomerangs for the past 25 years or more. Some of the worlds best manufactures as well as world champion throwers frequent the list. They are always happy to give advice and comments on any question you may have. In Denmark, we count a small handful of subscribers to the list, while a couple of Swedes have found their way to it as well.
  • You can buy great boomerangs from Blue Star Rangs, Ted Bailey as well as Colorado Boomerangs.
    Don't forget to check out The Boomerang Man - if he hasn't got it it's probably not worth getting.
    Davro Boomerangs in Scotland also sell quality boomerangs.
  • We frequently buy our wood and materials from Redi Boom in Germany.
  • Uganda Boomerang Kulu Club
  • British Boomerang Society
  • United States Boomerang Association
  • Boomerang Association of Australia
  • Listen to Boomerang Baby by Salem.