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Upcomming Events 2009
  • Danish National Championships 26. september 2009
    We'll meet at Tiøren on Amager at 10 o'clock to mark the field. We aim to start off at 11 o'clock.
    Everybody are welcome to join in the fun or just look at it. Rules are according to the International RuleBook.
    The provisional programme looks like this:
    • 11:00 Accuracy - preceded by FUN Team Accuracy.
    • 12:00 Fast Catch - perhaps with FUN Team Fast Catch as warm-up.
    • 13:00 Frokost.
    • 14:00 Aussie Round - warm-up with FUN Super Mario Brothers.
    • 15:00 Trick Catch - maybe some FUN GLORP for warm-up.
    • 16:00 MTA - preceded by FUN Suicide MTA for practise.
    • 17:00 Endurance - if contrary to expectations still are energy left for a re-run of the FUN Team Fast Catch.
    • 18:00 Calculation of scores and announcement of the Danish champion 2009.
    • 19:00 Sun goes down and we go home.
    See you all there!

Planned Events for 2010
  • Fastelavn 14th February 2010

  • Camp David ??. May 2010

  • Whitsun FUN Boom Festival 22nd till 24th May 2010

  • World Cup in Rome 27th May till 8th June 2010

  • Danish Championships September 2010

Past Events of 2009
  • Whitsun FUN Boom Festival 30th May till 1st June 2009
    With FUN Rules! We have relocated the event to 10-øren and we start at 09:45 throwing all at the same time for a round of Ben Ruhe Has A Posse. See more details in the schedule
    Everybody are welcome to participate or just come and watch if you like.
    Check the weather forecast.
    For those into more extreme forms of the sport a Long Distance competition will be arranged at Kløvermarken Mondag 1st June. This is only for practiced throwers because it is required that everybody is fully aware of when a long distance boomerang is thrown. The Danish record is 106 meters while the World record stands at a whopping 238 meters!
    Special FUN Boom Individual Scoresheet and Team Scoresheet have been prepared.

  • Boomerangthrowing at Bornholm by Joachim Beeres
    Do you want to try out throwing boomerangs at Bornholm? Between d. 31st May and 13th June 2009 Joachim will be at Dueodde Strand in the evening after 18 when the wind dies.

  • Virtual Tournament 5th - 7th June 2009
    See more at www.canboom.org. VT is governed by the principles of selfmanagement in that the boomerangs are previously meassuered to a minimum range of 20 meters and no one cheats.
    Whether you're one of more throwers is up to you, the scores may not be entered as part of another tournament. VT encompasses the following disciplines: Accuracy, FastCatch, Endurance and TrickCatch/Doubling. The calendar for VT 2009 is:
    VT4_1: 8. - 10. May - Joachim(24), Harald(20) and Jens(7) participated out of 24
    VT4_2: 5. - 7. June - Henrik Mahler(15), Harald(10), Jan(37) and Jens(14) participated out of 38
    VT4_3: 10. - 12. July - Harald(14) and Jens(5) participated out of 20
    VT4_4: 14. - 16. August - none from Denmark participated

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